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Max Payne Collection

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Max Payne
Quote: Max Payne has nothing to lose.
His wife and son are gone, killed by Valkyr junkies. His DEA partner
Alex is gone, killed by forces unknown, and Max is blamed for Alex's
death. The mob is out to get him. The police is out to get him. The
only way out is with guns blazing...

Max Payne is a 3rd person action shooter with a twist... Instead of
just run around and shoot like Lara Croft, Max has a trick called
Bullet-Time (tm). First seen in "The Matrix" movie, Bullet-Time slows
the action WAY DOWN so you can shoot the bad guys full of holes before
they take three steps... But your amount of bullet time is limited.
Perform rolls and leaps like those you see in action movies and perform
bullet-time runs or shot-dodging. Take on all comers armed anywhere
from baseball bats to Ingram machine pistols, even grenades and molotov
cocktails. Salvage ammo, weapons, and painkillers from this hellhole
version of New York to keep your fighting edge. See plot develop in
graphic novel-style panels. Will Max Payne see his revenge?

Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne
Quote: I lied to myself that it was over.
I was still alive, my loved ones were still dead.
It wasn't over.

Released from prison through his contacts in higher orbs, Max Payne is
back on the NYPD as a hero; but he is living a life of misery,
tormented by the memories of his murdered family. One day,
investigating a routine case, Max runs into Mona Sax. The mysterious
and seductive paid assassin who joined Max in his revenge against
Nicole Horne tells him that both of them are in great danger. Now Max
needs to run against the clock, to solve the case which seems to be all
about his murder. His only ally is a woman who's wanted by his own
police dept.

Max Payne 2, the follow-up to the styled third-person action shooter,
brings back the noir detective atmosphere, the stunning John-Woo-style
action sequences, and the few survivors from the first game: Mona Sax
is back, Vladimir Lev is back, Vinnie Gognitti is back, Jim Bravura is
back, Alfred Woden is back, and the mysterious Inner Circle is working
Someone wants Max dead. Who? Why?

Max Payne 2 is built on the same engine as the first game, but it's
been loaded up with all the special effects of next generation games.
Dynamic shadows and lighting effects, cubic mapped reflections, and
high resolution textures make the game look incredibly real. The
"Havok" and "Ragdoll" physics engines take care of objects and
characters respectively, creating an incredibly realistic and
interactive game world.

Gameplay has been also enhanced, there are even more weapons, we can
use two different weapons at the same time, there are NPCs who will
join sides with us, and the much-acclaimed "Bullet Time" feature has
been upgraded to version 2.0, in which Max's speed in "bullet time"
increases as he gets more kills.
The game also offers several unlockable difficulty and gameplay modes, once finished.

May Payne


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